IRS has 164 million waiting for you!

Are you still waiting for your 2009 tax refund? If so, you may be one of the 111,893 taxpayers to whom the IRS has been unable to deliver a refund check. The refunds total about $164 million.

Every year there are taxpayers who don’t update the IRS or the U.S. Postal Service when they move or change their mailing address. Checks are mailed to the last known address for taxpayers, and when the address isn’t current, the checks are returned as undeliverable.

To check on a missing refund, you can go to the IRS Web site at and use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool. A reminder: The IRS doesn’t contact people by e-mail regarding pending refunds. So if you receive such an e-mail, it’s likely to be an identity theft scam. To check on a refund by phone, call 1-800-829-1954.